PREPARE/ENRICH Research Articles

V. Research Predicting Divorce and Marital Satisfaction

  • Predicting Marital Success based on Couple Types
    Fowers, Montel and Olson (1996)
  • Predicting Marital Satisfaction with PREPARE: A Replication Study
    Larsen and Olson (1989)
  • Predicting Marital Success with PREPARE: A Predictive Validity Study
    Fowers and Olson (1986)
  • ENRICH Marital Inventory: Discriminate Validity Study
    Fowers and Olson (1989)
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VI. National Surveys using PREPARE/ENRICH

  • Spiritual Beliefs and Marital Success: A National Survey
    Larson and Olson (2005)
  • Spouse Abuse and Marital Dynamics based on ENRICH: A National Survey
    Asai and Olson (2003)
  • National Survey on Marital Strengths
    Olson and Olson-Sigg (2000)
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VIII. Research with Ethnic and Cultural Groups

  • Validation of the Korean Premarital Inventory: K–PREPARE
    Kim, Nami (2009)
  • Discriminate Validity of Korean Version of ENRICH
    Park, Kim, Song and Lee (2009)
  • Hispanic & Caucasian Married Couple Types based on ENRICH
    Olson and Garrett (2006)
  • Five Types of African American Marriages based on ENRICH
    Allen and Olson (2001)
  • Cultural Adaptation of PREPARE with Japanese Premarital Couples
    Asai and Olson (2004)
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XI. Other Studies

  • Couple Checkup: Tuning Up Relationships
    Olson, Larson. & Olson-Sigg (2009)
  • Marriage and Family Wellness: Corporate America's Business?
    Turvey & Olson (2006)
  • Distressed Couples & Marriage Education
    DeMaria (2005)
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