Professional Self Training

As a Professional Counsellor, another training option is available to you. If you have a degree, Masters or Doctorate in the field of counseling (marital and family therapy, psychologist, social worker), you can apply for our Professional Self-Training option. Call us on 0800 895 172

This product is in English only; online administration is available in English and 9 languages. 

The Self-Training Package includes all the materials you would receive at a workshop.  

The Self-Training Package costs $95.00 and includes:
Resource Kit containing:

  • User number and access to your secure user page
  • Full Resource training manuals including sample reports
  • USB with all print and Video files
  • Couple Workbooks

Package price includes one credited use of the assessment (value $50)

After reviewing the self-training materials, you would be qualified to use the PREPARE/ENRICH Programme with couples.

We invite you to apply for the Self training option.

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