P/E Checkup

P/E Checkup has been newly released this year, January 2017, as an addition to the variety of versions of our assessment. P/E Checkup is a less intensive subset of the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment and has a more user-friendly report structure, similar to Couple Checkup.

P/E Checkup is a shorter version of the full PREPARE/ENRICH assessment with a one-report format, which both the facilitator and couple can view. It will take an individual about 20-30 minutes to complete the P/E Checkup version of the assessment, compared to the 30-45 minutes to take the full PREPARE/ENRICH assessment. Couples are still encouraged to individually answer each question with the first response that comes to mind, just as they are encouraged to do when taking PREPARE/ENRICH.

What is included in P/E Checkup?

When compared to the full PREPARE/ENRICH assessment, P/E Checkup is considered the "lite" version, which will allow for a simplified process for you.

P/E Checkup includes: P/E Checkup does not include:
Core Couple Scales Commitment scale
7 items per scale (vs 10 in P/E) Abuse scale
Some customizations Relationship Dynamics
SCOPE Personality Scale Personal Stress Profile
Detailed Couple Report Facilitator Report
  Individual Responses to questions
  Group Edition Report

Interested in seeing a sample report of P/E Checkup? Click here to view.

How could P/E Checkup bring me value?

  • Reengage a couple you have previously worked with
    • Especially if you already understand the relationship dynamics and background of the couple
  • If you are a newly trained Facilitator and have never used an assessment tool with couples before
    • The simplified report, that you can share with the couple, may ease any anxiety you have about working with an assessment tool
  • In your marriage mentor program
    • Try having marriage mentors use P/E Checkup as the assessment they give to couples

How can I access P/E Checkup?

Simply log in to your Facilitator account and hover over the Add a Couple button on the Manage Couples page. You'll notice there is now a P/E Checkup option.

Once you've selected P/E Checkup, the process of setting up a couple is the same as any other version of P/E, including the payment method. The cost for P/E Checkup is $50 per couple, but there are some unavoidable currency fluctuations (2 to 5% up or down) due to conversion rates, bank and credit card fees.

If you want additional context on why we released a new version of our assessment, please click here to read a letter from our VP, Justin Miller.

Still have more questions? Please click here to read an FAQ or feel free to call/email our customer service team at 0800 895 172 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.